Spring at the Farm

Hanging Baskets

We grow a beautiful array of colorful, custom-designed hanging baskets
for both sun and shade.  Our shade baskets offer a mix of fuchsias with a unique assortment of trailing shade accents.  Our sun baskets combine a colorful mix of petunias, verbena, geraniums and more.  Each of our baskets is grown in our cool greenhouses to provide the longest lasting color for your own enjoyment, all summer long!

Organic Garden Starts

We stock an excellent variety of locally-grown, high quality, organic veggie starts.  Our first starts arrive in early spring to fill your garden with cool crop veggies and salad greens, followed by a large assortment of tomato & pepper starts, cucumbers, squash, eggplant and more.
Need advice?  We’re always happy to help you decide what to plant and how to create a bountiful harvest.

Herbs & Perennials

In addition to veggie starts, we have a wonderful selection of culinary herbs, berry starts and fruit trees.  If flowers are more your style, we grow our own assortment of flowering annuals and offer a unique selection of locally-grown perennials and flowering shrubs.

Pottery & Garden Decor

We offer a selection of pottery and planters for both indoor and outdoor spaces.  You’ll large, small, classic, modern, terra cotta and more!  Peek around our outdoor spaces for something special to add to your garden or patio.

Garden Amendments

We carry all of the garden amendments and soil options you need for your various garden projects, including organic potting soil, raised bed planting mix, planting compost and more.  Having trouble with garden pests?  We have you covered with advice, as well and the best remedies and organic products for your specific needs.

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Dahlia Bronze
Coleus Kong Jr Green Halo
Dahlia Rose Bicolor
Osteo Copper Amethyst
Osteo Kardinal