Pet Policy

Food Service

We are licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture as a Retail Food Establishment, which means we must follow the guidelines for Food Safety as set by the ODA. We are inspected annually and pay licensing fees, as such. While we appreciate that a farm setting seems like the perfect place to bring your pet, we must insist that the Food Safety Guidelines are followed by everyone who visits our farm.

Our Pet Policy

  • We do not allow pets on our farm due to health and safety regulations.
  • Service animals are permitted, but must remain with their owner and behave according to the ODA Service Animal Guidelines.
  • Pets that travel with you must remain in our parking lot or in your vehicle.
  • Please be aware that our parking lot is not shaded, so bring ample water for your pet and do not leave unattended in vehicle for long periods of time.
  • Please clean up after any mess your pet may make while on our property.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a service animal as: a dog” that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. A service animal must be trained to perform a task specifically for the individual with disabilities that the individual cannot perform for himself or herself.
~ODA Food Safety & Service Animals Guidelines