Our Berries

We grow over 20 varieties of berries, available for picking approximately late May through early October.
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Strawberries Hood 2018


Ripens:  June 1

Flavor:  Sweet, juicy, extremely flavorful.
Size/Color:  Med-large, deep red color throughout.
Special Characteristics:  Classic Oregon berry!  The first to ripen, but the shortest season of all strawberries.
Best Use:  Fresh eating, freezing or processing.

Benton Pint


Ripens:  June 5

Flavor:  Excellent flavor and sweetness.
Size/Color:  Med-large, reddish-orange, conical shaped berry.
Special Characteristics:  Our favorite for jam because of the firmer consistency and excellent flavor.
Best Use:  Fresh eating, freezing or processing.

Shuksan Pint


Ripens:  June 5

Flavor:  Firm, meaty flesh with good flavor.
Size/Color:  Large, glossy, bright red.
Special Characteristics:  If you’re growing your own, this is an excellent variety…vigorous and winter hardy.
Best Use:  Fresh eating and freezes well.



Cascade Dawn Raspberries

Cascade Dawn

Ripens: June 10

Flavor: Well balanced, mild, sweet-tart flavor.
Size/Color: Large, conical, bright red berry.
Special Characteristics: Nearly perfect berries with relatively small seeds make this a perfect berry for culinary presentation.
Best Use: Fresh eating, desserts, freezing.

Rasp aad27ba3-e7b3-4e98-b422-5d0dbf1badaa_240

Cascade Harvest

Ripens: June 20 (2019)

Flavor: Excellent, sweet-tart flavor.
Size/Color: Glossy, large, red berry.
Special Characteristics: Developed by WSU, moderately disease resistant.
Best Use: Fresh eating, processing.

Rasp Meeker from web


Ripens: June 20

Flavor: Delicious, sweet flavor.
Size/Color: Medium, red, slightly firm berry.
Special Characteristics: Developed in 1967 by Washington State University and one of the most widely planted varieties in the Pacific Northwest.
Best Use: Fresh eating, freezing, processing.

rasp cascade delight from web

Cascade Delight

Ripens: June 25

Flavor: Very flavorful, more sweet than tart.
Size/Color: Large, firm, medium-red berry.
Special Characteristics: Large fruit makes for easy picking. Somewhat susceptible to sunburn.
Best Use: Fresh eating, fresh desserts.



Ripens: June 25

Flavor: Excellent, non-traditional flavor.
Size/Color: Large, medium-red berry.
Special Characteristics: The standard variety for fresh raspberries throughout the world.
Best Use: Fresh eating, freezing, processing.



Blackberries Silvan JH Cropped Light (350 x 255)


Ripens: June 21

Flavor: Excellent, sweet-tart flavor.
Size/Color: Large, purplish-blackberry.
Special Characteristics: Similar to Marion, but ripens earlier and fruit is less firm.
Best Use: Fresh eating, freezing, processing.

Obsidian JH


Ripens: June 21

Flavor: High quality, delicious flavor.
Size/Color: Large, elongated, glossy, dark berry.
Special Characteristics: Cross between Marion and Ollalie blackberries. Ripens earlier, keeps well and has fewer seeds than most blackberries.
Best Use: Fresh eating, freezing, processing.



Ripens: July 1

Flavor: Sweet-tart flavor shines with sugar added.
Size/Color: Medium-large, deep blackberry.
Special Characteristics: Looks nearly identical to Marion, but with distinctive flavor.
Best Use: Fresh eating, pies, freezing, processing.

Marion_104 from web


Ripens: July 1

Flavor: Rich, distinctive flavor. Sweet when fully ripe.
Size/Color: Medium-large, dark blackberry.
Special Characteristics: Developed in 1956 in Western Oregon, named after Marion County, OR.
Best Use: Fresh eating, pies, freezing, processing.



Ripens: July 1

Flavor: Highly aromatic fruit, bursting with flavor when fully ripe.
Size/Color: Very large, deep maroon berry.
Special Characteristics: Discovered in the 1920’s by Knott’s Berry Farm owner and cultivated to modern popularity.
Best Use: Fresh eating, freezing, processing.


Triple Crown

Ripens: July 21

Flavor: Sweet, well-balanced flavor.
Size/Color: Large, glossy, dark blackberry.
Special Characteristics: Thornless canes and abundant fruit make this a favorite for u-pick. Seeds somewhat large.
Best Use: Fresh eating, freezing, processing.



BlueDuke from web


Ripens: July 1

Flavor: Mildly tart, good quality flavor
Size/Color: Med-large, firm, light blue berry, fairly uniform in size.
Special Characteristics: They have a longer storage life than most blueberries and can even improve in flavor with some cold storage.
Best Use: Fresh eating, freezing or processing.

Bluecrop Blueberries 2


Ripens: July 15

Flavor: Slightly tart, flavorful.
Size/Color: Large, light blue berry.
Special Characteristics: The berries are often reddish on one side??(called ‘red backs’) when picked before fully ripe.
Best Use: Fresh eating, baking, freezing or processing.

Blueberry Jersey from web


Ripens: July 25

Flavor: Very sweet and firm in texture.
Size/Color: Medium-large, dark blue berry.
Special Characteristics: Beautiful orange foliage in the fall.
Best Use: Fresh eating and baking.



Loganberry from web


Ripens: June 20

Flavor: Unique, somewhat tart flavor.
Size/Color: Medium, elongated deep red berry.
Special Characteristics: A natural cross between blackberry and red raspberry. Highly perishable.
Best Use: Jam, baked goods and wine.

Tayberry from web


Ripens: June 25

Flavor: Highly aromatic, unique, but delicious flavor.
Size/Color: Medium, elongated deep red berry, similar to Logan.
Special Characteristics: A cross between blackberry and red raspberry, named after the river Tay in Scotland. Highly perishable.
Best Use: Jam, baked goods and wine.

Currant Red

Red & Black Currant

Ripens: June 25

Flavor: Juicy, sweet-tart flavor.
Size/Color: Clusters of glossy, bright red or black berries.
Special Characteristics: Known as superfruits, they are high in antioxidants and vitamin C.
Best Use: Jellies, syrups, sauces and liqueurs.

Gooseberry from web


Ripens: June 25

Flavor: Sweet, old-fashioned, somewhat tart flavor.
Size/Color: Large, smooth-skinned, greenish-red berries.
Special Characteristics: Exceptionally nutritious, containing omega-3’s, antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber, to name a few.
Best Use: Jam, jellies, pie, tea and wine.



Rasp Anne from web


Ripens: August 15

Flavor: Sweet, aromatic, with hints of apricot flavor.
Size/Color: Pale yellow to golden colored berry.
Special Characteristics: Small amounts will ripen in August with main, everbearing crop ripening in September.
Best Use: Fresh eating, freezing, processing.

Rasp 41339 Autumn Britten

Autumn Britten

Ripens: August 15

Flavor: Excellent quality and flavor.
Size/Color: Large, elongated, bright red berry.
Special Characteristics: The earliest ripening of the everbearing varieties.
Best Use: Fresh eating, freezing, processing.

raspberry_c1_009_01_600 from web chinook


Ripens: September 1

Flavor: Sweet, flavorful, with balanced tartness.
Size/Color: Large, firm, red berry.
Special Characteristics: Developed in Oregon and named after the Chinook Salmon.
Best Use: Fresh eating, freezing, processing.