Farm Etiquette

Upick Stand 2022
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U-pick Tips

  • We provide boxes for you to pick into. You are welcome to bring your own containers, but please have them weighed at our u-pick stand prior to going out to pick.
  • Please check in at our u-pick stand prior to picking. You will receive variety information, picking instructions and directions to the fields.
  • Pick ripe fruit! It may seem silly, but it’s not always easy to pick ripe fruit. Usually, if a berry comes off easily, it’s ready to pick. We are always happy to help teach children or newcomers the proper techniques.
  • Please return to the u-pick stand after picking to have your fruit weighed and receive your ‘weight ticket’. We will hold your fruit at our u-pick stand if you wish.
  • A hand-washing sink is available for both before and after you pick.

Farm Etiquette

  • Children are absolutely welcome, but we ask that they be accompanied by an adult while picking, playing or visiting our animals.
  • Please respect any No U-pick signs or fencing around our farm. We grow a wide array of crops, many that aren’t available for u-pick or aren’t ready for harvest quite yet. If crops are harvested before they are ready, they won’t taste good and it reduces our harvest when actual harvest time arrives.
  • Please keep off any farm equipment you may encounter along the way. We are a working farm and our daily activities never cease. You will run across irrigation pipes, farm equipment and who knows what else! Enjoy the process, but please respect our safety needs.

Pet Policy

  • We are a Pet-free Farm, however Service Animals are allowed.  We are a licensed Retail Food Establishment and pets are not allowed as per the Oregon Department of Agriculture Food Safety Division.  Please plan accordingly for your pets if you do plan to travel with them.

Thank you! We look forward to your visit!