Today’s U-pick Availability

Akane 2015

U-pick Availability

Our u-pick berry season has peaked and we’ve transitioned into our late season/fall crops.  Our late season blackberries and fall raspberries are available in limited quantities.  We are now offering tomatoes and peppers, along with select varieties of apples and pears.  Watch for this availability to grow as we get closer to fall.  Please note that this page is updated daily, however availability can change rapidly.  Our best advice…please check this page prior to your visit and call us for more specific details as needed.  

Today’s Varieties:

Orchard Fruit:
‘Sustainably Grown’
‘Gravenstein’ (limited)
‘Gala’ (limited)


(dark purple Concord-type with seeds)
(seedless green table/juice grape)
(seedless red table grape)

‘No Spray’ Veggies:
(current varieties: cherry, red slicing, romas, heirloom)
(current varieties:  jalapeno, serrano, poblano)

‘No Spray’ Berries:
Blackberries ‘Chester’
Fall Raspberries
(limited – end of season)

Late Summer / Fall Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday  |  10am – 5pm
Closed Mondays
Be sure to check this page frequently for availability or give us a call before you come for pricing, varietal info and more.

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Note: Our u-pick fields close to newcomers a half an hour prior to close.
Check our daily hours listed below and plan your picking accordingly.
Pet Policy:  Our farm is a pet-free farm (service animals allowed)
Thank you!

Call before you visit!

Thank you for checking out our most up-to-date picking availability!
Our goal is to update this page each day during peak season.
Please note that our availability can change…
even throughout the day…
especially on busy weekends and early/late in the season.

Please call prior to your visit for the most accurate information.

Coming soon…

Apples & Pears
available approx Aug – Oct
available approx late Sept
available approx early Oct