Today’s U-pick Availability

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Our ‘No Spray’ U-pick Berries are open for late season picking

Summer berry season has peaked and many of our varieties are starting to wind down…never fear, we have late season varieties coming soon!  Quick tip:  Look low and gently lift the branches, as most of our nicest fruit is harder to see at first, especially raspberries!
See our list below for current availability.  

For more info on other varieties, take a look at our Ripening Guide and check back here for updates (Note: we are several weeks behind schedule on most varieties right now).  On occasion, we may close certain varieties for ripening.  Please check this web page for details, but plan on calling us for the most up-to-date info, as it can change from day to day.

Note:  Our u-pick fields close to newcomers a half an hour prior to close.  Check our daily hours listed below and plan your picking accordingly.  Thank you!

Late-season varieties just starting:

Triple Crown

Limited availability on all mid-season varieties:

Cascade Delight  ~  Tulameen





Red & Black

berry variety info

Call before you visit!

Thank you for checking out our most up-to-date picking availability!
Our goal is to update this page each day during peak season.
Please note that our availability can change…
even throughout the day…
especially on busy weekends and early/late in the season.

Please call prior to your visit for the most accurate information.

Coming soon…

Blueberries ~ Assorted Varieties
available throughout July
Blackberries ‘Triple Crown’
available approximately July 22
Fall Raspberries
available approximately early-Aug