Today’s U-pick Availability

Akane Basket

U-pick is finished for the season!

Our fall u-pick crops are finished for the season, however, we still have a great assortment of apples, pears, winter squash and pumpkins available ready-picked in our store.  We are open through Christmas and will continue to have fresh produce throughout the season.  We have a great selection of fruit and vegetables for your holiday baking…try some samples or ask us about our favorites!
Give us a call if you have any questions!

Current varieties in stock ~ Ready-picked:

Honeycrisp ~ Jonagold ~ Liberty ~ Melrose
Cox Orange Pippin ~ Jonathan

Anjou ~ Comice ~ Asian 

apple variety info

Call before you visit!

Thank you for checking out our most up-to-date picking availability!
We do our best to update this page on a daily basis.
Please note that our availability can change…even throughout the day…especially on busy weekends and early/late in the season.
Please call prior to your visit for the most accurate information.

A note about our Apples & Pears

Almost ALL of the crops we grow are considered ‘No Spray’ with the exception of our…
Apples & Pears
Sustainably-grown with a limited use of necessary organic and conventional controls.
Please inquire for details if you are interested in our growing practices, which are designed to produce a healthy, delicious, disease- and insect-free crop.